Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Obsesi terbaru, koleksi HeLLo KiTTy yg Super-ComeL..!! :-)

*Sape ckp make up set ni xcntik memang aku gigit telingga!  :)

Sapa yg nk ckp aku childish, outdated or annoying boleh ckp skang. ada aku kisah? hahaha.... MOVE ON... >

Dulu aku xsuka pn barang2 koleksi Hello Kitty ni, rsa cm annoyed jga bla kwn2 aku obsess sgt dgn koleksi Hello Kitty. Apa kes nk mnat2 barang bdak2. Plus, slama ni klo aku jmpa apa2 koleksi Hello Kitty termasuklah beg, mug, payung, alat tulis smpai ke bju2 seluar smua aku benci sgt. smpai aku rsa org yg mnat koleksi Hello Kitty di Malaysia ni smua hak tuih hak tuih smua...hehehe...

  *wahh...kek kahwin Hello Kitty! nk kwin...nk kwin...! hahah...*gatal

Tpi, ari tu msa blogwalking, tjumpa blog Fatin Liyana, omg, so cute smua koleksi Hello Kityy dia... de way, coz dia study kt Bandung, so, senang lh nk usha menda2 alah tu kt sna. Indon mmang bnyak dooo...barang2 Hello Kitty, murah2 plak tu. Nk aje aku p Bandung kjap bli smua koleksi Hello Kitty yg murah2 ada kt sna. Koleksi Hello Kitty kt Malaysia ni ada jga tp smua cm hampehh je aku tgk. Bla jmpa koleksi Hello Kitty yg ada jual kt Malaysia, trus hilang obsesi terhadap Hello Kitty....hahaha..seriously hodoh..

  *nk cari yg ni smpai jumpa  :')

xkisah lah ko nk ckp aku gedik ke apa coz adore koleksi Hello Kitty, yg penting comel bhai... rsa nk tumbuk2 je Hello Kitty ni coz comel sgt2...hehehe.... dari handbag dia, alat2 tulis, comforter, meja, kerusi, MAC collection smua comel2... Tp, jgn lah beli beg yg mcm bdak2 tadika tu, confirm lah kna gelak klo bwk p KLMUC nti derrr... bli yg cm ni ok kot. Ada ke handbag Hello Kitty super duper adorable comel ni kt Malaysia? Let me KnOw yeaa?  :-D

 *comel kan, nk2 klo pkai comforter smua...haihh...  -.-"

Nmpaknya aku dh ada pelan umah yg bru utk Mak. klo ye pn xnk buat umh Hello Kitty cm ni, at least tlg design bilik aku cm ni plzz? sumpah comel woo... Wa klo dpt bilik Hello Kitty cm ni rs xnk kuar bilik rsa bhai...hehehe...comel sgt rsa.. wlo pun wa tau la wa xcomel cm koleksi Hello Kitty smua tu...ish..ish..  T__T.
  *Mak, kita buat umh cm ni nk x? ish..ish..ish..   T__T

Argghhh...xkira...xkira, nti bla aku dh kaya, aku nk smua ni...hahaha... cpat lah kaya Cik Sabrina oihhh... nk jga...xkira.. Ini msti ada dlm wishlist smua...Hey, elaun Asasi! Ke mari ko ke sni...heheh... *muka gangster...   hahahah....

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Hello to all of u, wlcome 2 my blog which I post everything about myself and my Life. 
I've never thought that 1 would h've my own blog as i think it's a waste of time writing of non-educational stuff on internet, but now i've changed my mind that writing, whatever u think will lead u to be more competent, really huh?

Now, i'm writing this while seeing the perfect view in front of me.
I 'm looking what's happening outside and i finally can see the front building. Yeah, there's no more thick mist and the harmful haze is almost come to an end.

oh, ok, today is Tuesday, March 18, 2014. I plan to do a research about my final project that Mr. Sailendra asked me to do as my research is not really strong to support my idea and design. 
So, I guess, I should go out somewhere to find the existing product that sell the snack or something that related to my task. Be4 i start telling u more abot it, let me introduce myself (hahaha....mengarut je) my nama is Nur Sabrina n I'm a graphic student at college situated @ the heart of Kuala Lumpur. (ckp je la KLMUC)... I'm 29 years old now n i think my i'm not a girl anymore n i'm a women! (ohh...tidak!)
It seems that I couldn't believe that i h've already grown up to be an adult guy. Ok, never mind that's not what i'm gonna tell ya! but anyway, i'm so glad becoz i will be completing my studies very soon n  can't wait to become a worker as i had never gained any working experience.
Now, i'm studying in a short semester which i h've only 9 weeks n this week is week 4. So, 4 this final project i h've decided to make a packaging design.

I ' d done designing my dream packaging before n this idea doesn't really work.
Below is my 1st idea n i designed it last month where my previous graphic design friends were working on their final project. 



On de 1st day of class, sir had asked me about what i would like to do in final project n what was my interest in dis course?
Actually, i'm more into publication n printing which i like magazine n newspaper so much, but, if i'm going to do a magazine or any printed book material, i think i wouldn't h've much time to complete it during the short period. So, when the question arrived from my lecturer about it, i just told him that i like packaging design n i want to design a food packaging. I chose banana as my primary idea n i would come out with banana chips (Kerepek Pisang).


Kerepek pisang? xda bnda lain ke ko nk but? tnya kwn aku dgn hairannya... 

Yeah, i don't want to take risk of creating something that i'm not capable to deliver. i think it's a simple suggestion of what i'm going to do. So, I started sketching from that day. 
1st, I g've my product name as KL Banana Chips n i did research on that. I did sketching n came with the information research about the benefit of banana, target audience, objective n many more.

This is a mind map

This is my proposal

The logo development

The after several weeks, i met some graphic lectures to ask them about my idea n sketches.
I got the feedback which i should alter my 1st idea. They said, the name of product was not really cool.
They disliked KL Banana Chips as a packaging name n suggested me other name for it. One of them suggested me to make my plain banana chips to something that my target audience will surely purchase it. The lectures suggested me to mix banana chips with chocolate n the name of product is Choco Banana Chips.

Oh yeah, i got a new name for it!
So, i did sketching again with new names n this time i thought it would be better if i put an image of monkey on my packaging design. 

Then i drew monkeys n i would choose one of them to be applied on my next design items.






The lecturer also told me if i u want to draw a monket, make sure it's cute.
So, yesterday when i showed my latest progress to Sir Sailendra, he said "ok" n please do more research on what i did.


One more thing, i would like to thank's to Aiman Faiez 4 sending me the report 4 the guidance n also i would like to thank's to Nur Amalina 4 helping me choosing a good name of new company n the company's name is Krepack.
She had ever said when the lecturer ask o why do u choose Krepack as yor company name, just tell him that Krepack means Kerepek inside of pack (packaging).

The company sell the variety of Kerepek (crisp)
Ok, bellow is the company logo that i just created yesterday.


Ok, that's all 4 this time thank u 4 reading...  :-)

Saturday, 15 March 2014


Hi, my name is Nur Sabrina Anuar n I'm a graphic design student in Kuala Lumpur. This year (2014) is de last year I study in KLMUC, if I'm not mistaken, my stdy will be last until de end of de year.
I'm so hepi stdying in KLMUC which is situated at the heart of Kuala Lumpur city. Here, I'm so lucky 4 a chance to meet new frends n best lecturers. They'r so nice n really good 2 me.

Graphic Design :-)
According 2, graphic design is a creative process, one most often involving a client n a designer n traditionally completed in conjunction with producers of form. Common uses of graphic design include identity (logos n branding), publications (magazines, newspapers n books), advertisements n product packaging. 

4 example, a product package might include a logo or other artwork, organized text n pure design elements such as shapes n color which unify de piece. Composition is one of de most important features of graphic design, especially when using pre-existing materials or diverse elements.

 ok, here is a brief of graphic design course in KLMUUC.
The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Graphic Design is a 3-year programme. 
But me, graduates with Diploma in Graphic Design get credit transfer 4 de 1st year.

The subject covers de fundamental of design such as typography, drawing, electronic publishing, basic graphic knowledge n software applications.
Part of de curriculum include exposure in advertising concepts, creative visual thinking, animation, advanced photography, branding, web n creative problem solving. 


In de final year, students need 2 do portfolio development, design management & professional practice n digital effect. at de end of de semester, student ' r required 2 attend a 3-month practical training.  
So, being a graphic designer is really fun as u can develop yor creativity every task u do.

4 me, I'm truly interested 2 become a graphic designer becoz it's my dream n ambition since i was in form 4. When my frends opt 2 be police, doctor, lawyer n any other famous career, I myself h've my own chosen career is graphic design, as we knOw, we can't predict the future, but, if i'm fated 2 be in dis industry, I would be hepi.

 That's why I choose KLMUC as my institution 2 further my stdy in dis field.


Be4 I choose 2 stdy in a new place, I will make a research about it 1st. 4 example, after completing my Diploma (Diploma Graphic Design in Malaysia) I visited KLMUC website, reading forum that discuss about people who studied in KLMUC, read newspaper advertisement n did comparison 2 other university that offer de same course.
I like using typography, color, shape n line. I also like 2 draw n creating poster, banner, banting n other grahphic items.
I love everything that i learn in de college. When i stdy in de class, i like using software like adobe photoshop, illustrator n indesign becoz they' r easy 2 learn.


Actually, i like printing n publication. I read book, magazine n newspaper almost every week. I love design something that i can print out n distribute 2 everyone.


My favourite subjects are:
packaging design,
graphic illustration,
image manipulation application,
advertising, copywriting, storyboarding & Layout,
design management n professional practise,
creative solution n visual thinking.